You can take the tours in English, French or German. English is my language mais je parle aussi français und wenn Ihr Deutsch hören wollt (freilich mit Akzent), dann kein Problem!

What is important is that you remember that this is a walking tour and you therefore need good shoes to cope with the distances and the cobblestones. I recommend that you have waterproofs and an umbrella on hand - Berlin is not typically a wet city but these days you never know. The "Open Spaces" tour only takes place when it is dry (there's a reason why I left the UK!).

Tours last about two to three hours on average. Depending on the dynamics of the group, they might be shorter or longer and we can just play it by ear on the day.

Come hungry and open-minded!

How much do the tours cost?

This will depend on the length and the number of people attending but from 35 to 50 euros.

What is included in the price?

All food and one alcoholic drink (extra drinks are paid out of pocket) – you should be full by the end!

Are there discounts?

Children under 12 don’t pay

How long does a tour last?

This is up to you but between two and three hours, give or take.

Who can take the tours?

Anyone. Please let me know in advance if there are children, elderly people or wheelchair-bound guests.

How big are the groups?

A minimum of two people is needed for a tour to take place. The maximum is six.

What about food allergies or intolerance?

Berlin by Food tours are vegetarian or vegan. Please tell us in advance if you have any allergies or intolerances. Berlin by Food is not responsible for any indigestion or illness that may arise as a result of eating food on a tour.

What happens if I get ill?

Berlin by Food takes no responsibility for illness that arises during or after the tour. Participants of Berlin by Food tours eat and drink in cafes and restaurants of their own accord.

I don't like sharing food. Is this tour right for me?

Sometimes there might be one dish to share between several people. Please inform Berlin by Food if you are not comfortable sharing with others.

What happens if it rains or snows?

All tours, except for “Open Air” take place whatever the weather. Please wear appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes.

Do we walk the whole time?

We can play it by ear depending on the number of people on the tour and levels of tiredness. A tour should be a relaxed mixture of eating while seated and walking. Please feel free to tell me if you want to walk more or less.