FOOD TOUR / fuːd tʊə(r) / A guided walk in which you visit several places where you can taste different specialities to get an insight into a city’s foodscape.

A tour lasts about three to four hours, give or take. Depending on the group dynamics and general atmosphere, we can just play it by ear on the day.

Tours are privately organised and tailor-made to suit most tastes. Numbers are kept low and there isn't a megaphone!

It costs 70 euros (incl. VAT) a head.

From "Gastarbeit" to gentrification

Gözleme, falafel, baklava and plenty more. This tour takes you to Kreuzkölln, the Berlin district which boasts the highest number of ethnic groups and is therefore ideal for introducing a va...

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Open spaces

Berlin is one of the greenest capitals in the world and also one of the most innovative. On this tour, you might drink beer in a park conceived for hunting rabbits, drink ...

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If none of the other tours appeal or you just fancy eating sweets for a whole afternoon or tasting six different coffees one morning, just say so. We can talk and tailor-make ...

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NB: This is a walking tour and you need good shoes to cope with the distances and the cobblestones. I recommend that you have waterproofs and an umbrella on hand - Berlin is not typically a wet city but these days you never know. The "Open Spaces" tour only takes place when it is dry (there's a reason why I left the UK!).

You can take my meat-free tours in English, French or German. English is my language mais je parle aussi français und wenn Ihr Deutsch hören wollt (freilich mit Akzent), dann kein Problem!

Come relaxed, open-minded and hungry of course!